Vedic philosopher, and vegetarian cook with his own recipes book of "108 Best Vegetarian Food" available on Amazon, spoke about the spread of the dangerous type of coronavirus that arose in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and also gave tips on how to avoid infection.According to him, the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV is not something exceptional. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses (39 species are known) that do not have DNA; their genome is found in RNA macromolecules. This type of virus is able to infect a number of animals, as well as humans. Mostly they cause respiratory diseases - from mild forms of acute respiratory viral infections to SARS. Analysis of the pathogen showed a high degree of similarity of the new disease with the SARS virus, the outbreak of which occurred in 2002 and claimed the lives of 774 people.
As Martins Ate notes, such strains periodically appear recently, which is a natural consequence of an wish to decrease the planet's population, overpopulation of the tropical zones, as well as increasing migration flows. Sources of distribution are often China, as well as other countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. According to the scientist, the emergence of a new strain is not something unexpected and exceptional.
However, it is not worth underestimating a new type of virus, since such pathogens cause diseases with a fairly high lethal outcome. To reduce the likelihood of infection, the vegetarian cook and a reggae musician known for his songs on consciousness advises following a number of rules.

Cow Urine, Ayurveda and Sesame Oil

"I agree with Dr Thanikasalam Veni who is currently practicing at Rathna Siddha Hospital in Chennai, and has 25 years of experience in the field of Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines. He suggests the ayurveda advice which includes drinking", says Martins Ate, who has visited over 108 Temples of Asia while living there for 6 years and has a reputable book about it as well. "Shadang Paniya (Musta, Parpat, Usheer, Chandan,Udeechya & Nagar) processed water (10 gm powder boiled in 1 litre water, until it reduces to half)", and taking "Agastya Harityaki 5 gm, twice a day with warm water", "Samshamani Vati 500 mg twice a day", "Trikatu (Pippali, Marich & Shunthi) powder 5 gm and Tulasi 3-5 leaves (boiled in 1 litre water, until it reduces to ½ litre…)", and "Pratimarsa Nasya: Instill two drops of Anu taila/Sesame oil in each nostril daily in the morning.
Since coronaviruses are transmitted primarily by airborne droplets, it is not necessary to stay in crowded places for a long time, and personal protective equipment should also be used. It is also advisable to reduce communication with immigrants from China and tourists who have just returned from countries in the region. Martin noted that the virus can also be transmitted through products, and therefore it is worthwhile to be wary of goods from China. He emphasized that the virus is well preserved on the surface of fresh or frozen foods. Moreover, the probability of contracting a new type of virus through household items and packages from China is low. As experts noted, the virus has low resistance. At the moment, only the respiratory transmission method is known.
Recall, in December last year, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, cases of a new type of pneumonia were recorded. 27 people were hospitalized, but after a few weeks the number of people infected in China exceeded 600 people, 17 of whom died. At the moment, it is known about single cases of infection in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam , the United States and Singapore.

International airports have introduced enhanced sanitary and quarantine regimes. In addition, the in some places even a total inspection of hand luggage and baggage of citizens arriving from China and the countries of Southeast Asia. In the border areas of the Far East, sanitary-quarantine measures were organized at all automobile, railway, sea and air checkpoints.
The spread rate for the infection, which is transmitted by airborne droplets, in an environment with a large crowding of the population of Chinese cities remains quite slow, which cannot but be encouraging. According to preliminary data, mortality is also relatively low. In addition, in all the dead, infection was superimposed on serious chronic diseases. This suggests that people over 65 are at risk.
One of the symptoms of coronavirus is high fever. The doctor also claimed that the medicine could treat the infections caused by the corona virus within 24 hours to 40 hours.
"When we treated the dengue virus with our medicine, many patients with reduced platelets count, acute liver failure, immunity deficiency and low white blood cell (WBC) were cured within 24-40 hours," said Veni. "In coronavirus too I am confident our medicine will be very effective," he added.
Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of Hindu Mahasabha, said cow urine and cow dung can be used for treating novel coronavirus disease. He also said that a special yagna will be performed to "kill the novel coronavirus and end its effects on the world."
"Consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus. A person who chants Om Namah Shivay and applies cow dung on body, will be saved. A special yagna ritual will soon be performed to kill coronavirus," said Chakrapani.