Reggae artist from Hastings, U.K. zHustlers (real name – Martins Ate) has released a very original album and its title. His latest album containing wisdom of man's duties in a family, "My Sweety," is now available on all major digital music streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. 

The new album complements the musician's discography, which is rapidly gaining momentum this year. This is the third musician's album released to the public this year containing 15 tracks of soft, smooth, chill-out jazzy reggae. He started the year on January 20 by releasing album called "Break the Wall", but later, on Valentine's Day, he surprised and released the album "Babylon Love Songs", in which zHustlers performs together with the well-known Moroccan artist Fatima Ezzahra. 

"Keeping The Love Alive" is a song about relationships and how important to do small duties in them that don't really matter. Getting hit in the heart, come soon, come - with a soft heart, speaking sweet, come near me. 

Musician zHustlers comes from Riga, Latvia but has been staying in U.K. for some time, where he both creates music and lives. It is known that soon the musician plans to release new compositions - including more intriguing music videos. He has been actively working on bunch of more significant projects than this and they will be introduced soon. The year 2021 is planned busy for a very active musician and countless songs and their active release are expected in new style covering Lo-Fi and Dub styles besides Downtempo and Reggae. 

We also offer to listen to another original composition of the musician zHustlers - "Speak the good". We also invite you to follow the musician's Instagram profile, as well as other social networks (including Facebook and elsewhere). The reference site has a link that will take you to the new musician's Instagram profile. Safe - go check out his profile, as well as look up his other songs online!