Online video is a powerful marketing tool with the ability to reach, engage and monetize the audience in a way that no other medium can. Our online video platform, Restream, has helped thousands of brands and businesses achieve their goals and grow their business, by providing the tools and capabilities they need to create and share compelling live, interactive videos.

The video market is growing at an exponential rate, driven by the rise of social media and mobile video consumption. To successfully engage your audience and grow your business, it's important to create a lot of content. Yet most businesses are struggling to find the time, resources, and budget to create content on a regular basis.

Restream is an innovative platform that allows brands to create and share live video to their social media channels.

Creating a live video platform that helps brands connect with their audiences has never been easier. Restream is a live video platform that helps brands connect with their audiences by turning their live video streams into revenue streams.

How it started

Andrew Surzhynskyi and Alexander Khuda founded Restream in 2015 with an obsession to help streamers get a wider audience.

Focusing first on the gaming community, and building initially a free product, they soon saw the potential of how Restream could help in all kind of circumstances – from every day IRL streaming to professional keynote broadcasting.

Over the next 5 years, Restream flourished into the robust ecosystem of tools it is today. Restream goes beyond streaming technology and into the complex infrastructure that continues to create millions of jobs for content creators worldwide.



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