Salesflare is a cloud-based CRM that helps you manage and grow your business. Whether you run your business from home, or have an office with other employees, Salesflare is there to take care of your business. It manages your contacts, emails, and leads in one place, so you can finally stop searching for LinkedIn profiles. Salesflare automatically collects information from emails, email signatures, social profiles, and more. Everything is saved in one place so you don't have to worry about storing telephone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses for every customer anymore.

Customer service is a critical part of any business. It's one of the first things customers will notice about your brand. With the growing use of social media and email, it can be difficult to manage customer service interactions. Salesflare has created a platform that makes managing customer service interactions easier. 

You need to make sure that you collect and store the right contact information. This includes your customer's email address, phone number, mailing address, and LinkedIn profile. The process of collecting this data can be a challenge, especially if you're trying to collect every possible contact point. That's where Salesflare comes in. They offer a smarter solution that is easy to use and can save you a ton of time. 

Find anyone's email address.
Don't know where to email them? Based on their first name, last name and company, Salesflare will find their business email address in a matter of seconds.



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