Do you want to be able to track people who clicked on your link? You want to keep tabs on your social media promotion efforts? You want to be able to reach out to people who clicked on your links in a more targeted way? You want to be able to shorten your links to keep your branding and URL clean?

Create your own branded short URLs with a free trial and get tracking of where people who click on your links are coming from. Create easily embeddable retargeting pixels. Trusted by top brands. Shorten your links.

Branded short URLs are one of the most effective ways to retarget people who have clicked on your links. With our shortened links, you can embed retargeting pixels into them and track the activity. Branded domains are also available with our service.

About Us

PixelMe is a smart attribution platform for savvy marketers. We're trusted by 12,000+ growing companies around the world. Our Smart Attribution & Audience Builder solutions help you track, analyze, and optimize your marketing.

Smart Attribution tracks every customer touchpoint, and shows your ROI across acquisition channels to automatically reveal your most effective channels.

Audience Builder is an all-in-one URL shortener. You can brand links, add UTM tags to track traffic sources, and build retargeting audiences from anyone who clicks on your links to increase CTR & conversions. 

PixelMe was founded in 2017 as a fully remote company. We're a global team with our 3-cofounders based in France. 

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