InboxAware provides a holistic overview of your email performance, helping you to analyze how your emails are performing. InboxAware also provides advanced analytics, which allow you to deep-dive into each factor that impacts your email performance and inbox placement.

Imagine you could easily review your email performance in real-time, with a full view of your entire email marketing funnel. You would know exactly what emails are performing well and what ones are falling short, and you could easily understand what factors were impacting your performance. You would also be able to see how your email performance is impacting your overall marketing and business goals. InboxAware is the application that can help you achieve that.

InboxAware is a comprehensive email marketing platform that monitors email performance and delivers sector-specific insights. It provides a holistic overview of your emails' performance and advanced analytics that allow you to deep-dive into each factor that impacts your email performance and inbox placement. 

InboxAware is a powerful tool for email marketers. InboxAware provides a single dashboard that allows you to view the performance of your email marketing campaigns in one place. InboxAware's advanced analytics allow you to deep-dive into each of the aspects that impact your email performance.

Digestible Data in One View
Custom Dashboard with Real-Time Reporting

InboxAware allows you to customize your own dashboard by choosing from multiple reporting widgets and arranging them with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. Our wide arrange of interactive widgets monitor your email performance across multiple indicators.



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