The sales operations team needs to be successful. They need to help companies grow their business, convert more leads, and win more accounts. When it comes to sales and marketing operations, there's a lot to manage. There are leads, sales, marketing, and other tasks that need to be done every day. The question is, how do you get things done? How do you make sure that everything happens when it needs to happen?

Every business needs sales, marketing, and operations. The challenge is knowing how to keep your sales and marketing operations teams in sync with each other. That's where SalesWings comes in. With our predictive activity scoring, you'll know what to do with leads you acquire and leads you're just about to acquire. SalesWings predicts the likelihood of a lead being active and qualifying it depending on your lead scoring.

SalesWings is a lead scoring and lead website tracking add-on for sales and marketing teams that uses predictive activity scoring to track and qualify the hottest leads. We are an innovative and creative company that is looking to automate the sales and marketing process to the greatest extent possible.



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